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The CBC discovers, validates & analyzes genomic biomarkers with a focus on body fluid samples.
Take advantage of CBC’s proven expertise in biomarker signature development and speed up your biomarker studies.


  • Servier

    Over the last 2 years we have been very satisfied with Comprehensive Biomarker Center (CBC) as a Service provider. They have shown astute preanalytical skills in the handling of rare clinical samples, and their high quality standards in both the experimental phase and data analysis have been an impulsion for us to continue to collaborate with CBC to complement our existing expertise in miRNA analysis.

    Brian Paul Lockhart
    Ph. D. Director Biotechnology & Biomarker Research
    Institut de Recherches Servier

  • Abbvie

    Comprehensive Biomarker Center (CBC) has convinced us in several projects with its expertise in sample preparation from special body fluids, microRNA-and data-analysis. We are pleased to continue our successful collaboration.

    Bernhard K Mueller
    Priv. Doz. Dr., Scientific Director
    AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co KG

CBC‘s Contribution to FP7 Grants
CBC‘s FP7 Grants

Validation of clinical biomarkers
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75-100% more microRNAs
75-100% more microRNAs

Co-Study with Agilent
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CBC offers Services on NEW Validation Platforms
CBC offers Services

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  • Multivariate miRNA signatures as biomarkers for non-ischaemic systolic heart failure.
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  • miR-20b, miR-98, miR-125b-1*, and let-7e* as new potential diagnostic biomarkers in ulcerative colitis.
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  • Refining Diagnostic MicroRNA Signatures by Whole-miRNome Kinetic Analysis in Acute Myocardial Infarction
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  • 01. Februar 2014Biomarkers Reshape Drug Development
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  • Q1 2013CBC offers Services on new Biomarker Validation platforms
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